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The Hockey Family

Everyone knows this scene from Miracle, and if you have ever played on a hockey team before you know that it is completely true. When you put in all that hard work, the blood, sweat, and tears, and go to war with 20 brothers next to you, you have been officially linked for life as family. You could not talk to an old teammate for years, and when you see each other it has like nothing as ever changed, they are truly your brother. All hockey players know this fact, but sometimes we fail to notice that our closeness separates us from other people around us. Sometimes our inclusion, makes others feel excluded. It is easy to be friends with your teammates, equipment manager, and video guy, but have you ever noticed how you can make someone from outside the team feel when you include them when the boys get together for a couple sodas? Well I have, and I promise you it is incredibly rewarding when you see the smile on someone’s face when they know that they are part of your hockey family. Non-hockey players just don’t have the type of relationships that we have with our brothers. No other individuals get to ship up to Kenai River, Alaska or any other middle of nowhere junior town to meet 30 new teammates and have to figure it out as a group. But you know what, we do and by the first week every one of those teammates is now your brother. So, what if you saw someone around town who maybe doesn’t have 30 other best friends. If you bring them around the boys and truly include them into your family, their life will change forever because they have never seen a group of friends chirp, laugh, and love more than a hockey team. I am not saying go out and make friends with everyone you see, but I am saying to spread the love you show to your teammates to other people in the world because I promise you it will make more of a difference then you think.

Jackie Moon said it best


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